Chalkstream Fly


Custom split cane fly rods designed to enhance your overall fly fishing experience. Each rod is hand split and planed in England using the finest Tonkin bamboo. This video explores a day on the famous river Avon with Chris and his rods

Bedrock of Fly Fishing


CHALK - Bedrock of Fly Fishing is a feature length documentary exploring the importance of chalkstream rivers in the history and development of fly fishing. Produced by Fishing TV and Simon Cooper, Chalkstream Fly directed, filmed and edited the film, which premiered in Leicester Square in November 2017. The film is exclusive to Fishing TV, and can be rented or bought online here:  

CHALK - bedrock of fly fishing preview

"CHALK is a thoughtful examination of why the chalkstreams of England are probably the most important rivers in the history and development of fly fishing. From the geology that created the rivers and their abundant plant and animal life - including the legendary mayfly hatch - to the characters past, present and future who make these rivers unique, this is the definitive chalkstream fly fishing film. The film celebrates the rivers while also drawing attention to the threats and challenges facing these fragile environments." Fishing TV

brown trout from the river itchen
Drone chalk stream river
if you fish chalkstreams, you’ll love it. If you don’t, you’ll want to after watching the film. It’s that good.
— Andrew Flitcroft, Trout and Salmon magazine - December 2017